Sunday, June 7, 2015

RVs - again

The inflow of RVs seems to be lagging a bit, so here a few earlier arrivals not yet posted- the long and the short of it:

Long wheelbase Fiat Ducato Maxi looks like a luxe model, but the builder's name was covered by the bike rack.

Peugeots are rare enough, but a 4X4 is indeed worthy of note. The body appears to have been built by Tikro, with windows supplied by Seitz.

 I couldn't get a front end shot of this VW California. It did appear to have a pop top, but is certainly the smallest European RV I have seen this season.

Another one where I didn't catch the front. It was just leaving a traffic light and before I got my camera out of my pocket it was on its way..

Another high end model on a long chassis.


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