Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wet fish - wet day

Despite pouring rain, the herring trucks were at it again since the fish must be processed while they are still reasonably fresh. As each boat arrived a new line of trucks was ready to take on the catch. By mid-day today several of the trucks previously photographed had been and gone, and trucks I had not been able to photograph before came into view. I was also able to station myself to see the wild variety of tank trailers they were pulling.

Joel Smith Fisheries' Freightliner was hauling this shorty tanker that appeared to have staeted life as a B-train pup.

Comeau's Fisheries of Saulnierville, NS, are the largest operators of herring seiners , and they also operate the largest fleet of trucks, several with the same paint scheme. This traditional F'liner with square rad and low rise sleeper looks very good.

 Another Comeau Freightliner is of the newer design and set back axle. Note the drain lines from the top of the tank and the flushing line along the side.

This previously photo'd Pete, also running for Comeaus, shows the work platform on the tanker where the loaders work to direct the hoses from the seiners into the top hatches.

Exceptionally nice looking black Mack was hauling a tanker with a dimple. Its trailer was loaded with a worker standing on a separate pumping chute, so did not have to stand on the trailer.

 Nice set back KW was hauling what looked like a grain trailer, but in fact had delivered ice to several of the seiners. The boats carry the ice to keep the fish cool. The insulated tank trailers do the same, since the fish are pumped into the trailers in a slurry of icy water.


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