Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aerodyne rehab

A Kenworth COE with the Aerodyne raised roof sleeper has received a new lease on life with a rebuild that includes a lift axle.
Judging by the size of the front tires, this rig is destined for some heavy work.

I have featured these revolutionary (at the time) COEs here before. See:

The classic good looks of the KW COE mean that these cabs are still in demand for rebuilds. So far Kenworth has not offered their new COE for sale in North America (Freightliner sells their on a limted basis as a glider). KW developed an upgraded COE for the Australian market several years ago:


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Autocar cab

According to most sources the last Autocar with the Custom Driver Cab was built in 1987. That cab also appeared on White trucks from the early 1960s too. Autocar/White's new owner Volvo began to use the GMC cab before introducing new cabs, and discontinuing Autocar completely.
White had bought the independent Autocar marque to get into the heavy duty market, but also to get that distinctive and roomier cab. See:

White sold off the Western Star line of trucks, and they continued to use the Custom Driver Cab for some years. Nevertheless it is rare to see one still on the road, but this low mileage model is still going strong. Carrying a concrete mixer body, it is used in the owner's fencing business to mix and add concrete to post holes. Note the wide spread on the rear axles.


Friday, November 14, 2014

It's a wrap for Can-Am Marine Transport

A pair of Volvos from Can-Am Marine Transport of Longueil, QC made some tight turns downtown this morning while delivering a couple of shrink wrapped boats to the port.

The second of a pair of CAMT Volvos makes a tight turn from Sackville to Hollis Street downtown. (I couldn't get my camera out quickly enough to catch the first one). I'm not sure why it took this route to its destination. Right behind is an Armour Transportation Volvo, also headed for the port.

The well secured and shrink wrapped boat appears to be a Canadian Coast Guard utility boat, perhaps destined for Newfoundland.

Can-am Marine Transport is a boat hauling specialist company.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kenworth medium weights

Known for its heavy trucks Kenworth also produces medium and lighter weight turks and has come up with some new models recenty.
I saw my first K370/270 tilt cab yesterday at the New Glasgow dealer.

It has a very European appearance, since the cab comes from the DAF Euro 6 line of trucks from Holland.

Parent company PACCAR, makers of Kenworths and Peterbilts also has a large world wide presence under the DAF and Leyland brands.

In September I saw an odd medium weight conventional at the Moncton dealer:

I'm not sure what model it is. The upright radiator and square hood is normally only found on the really heavy duty units. This one also has a front bumper extension for a PTO, but the chassis looks too long for a compactor body or a transit mixer.

For publicized Kenworth models see:


Winter on its way - UPDATED

 A sure sign that winter is on its way is the presence of snow plows getting ready.
The local Parts for Trucks dealer is busy assembling plow/salt bodies on Western Stars.

Using an elderly Bullmoose* to lift the spreader bodies onto the chassis is quick work.

The finished product:

Since the Province of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Regional Municipality use the same paint colour, it is hard to tell who's rig this is until the lettering goes on, but I believe these trucks are for the Province, since Halifax appears to be concentrating on Volvos.

Update: Thanks to a reader I have learned that these trucks are headed to Newfoundland, part of a large order of 18 trucks last year and 20 this year. The giveaway is the blue LED lights, which are not used in Halifax or Nova Scotia. 

*I couldn't confirm that this is an actual Bullmoose brand lift truck, but these single axle rear steer units are usually called Bullmoose even if built by other companies.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Drom box

A new Freightliner COE with drom box caught my attention today.

This rig carries Alberta plates, but otherwise there is no other indication of its operator or its use. My guess is that it is attached to a musical group and arrived in advance of the performers with all the gear needed for a performance.

Drom boxes have been popular with movers and others whose load may not be heavy, but requires a large volume.This drom is fitted with windows on both sides and moving van type doors on the curb side.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Night Moves

Failing to see decent trucks in daylight recently, I resorted to some early morning prowling and turned up this Mercedes Actros (posted here twice before) in action with its centipede trailer.

Arriving at the Fairview Cove container terminal this morning, its escort truck's lights illuminate the 17 trailer axles. The trailer bed remains dead flat as the air suspension takes out the dips in the pavement.

Stopped with lights off and suspension relaxed, the rig is ready to load some wind turbine components that arrived by rail.