Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roll out at Station 4

There was a roll out at Station 4 today as firefighters carried out some maintenance in the engine bays.
Station 4 has one engine company based there and its two other bays host a rotating selection of apparatus.
Spartan Metro Star/ Carl Thibault 11-530E is one of the newest engines in the Halifax Regional Municipality Fire + Emergency Service, part of the large order from 2011 and delivered in 2012. It is a rescue pumper, with a 1250 gpm pump and 500 gal booster tank.

The other two units seen today are amongst the oldest serviceable pieces of HRM apparatus, and all are in spare status. Engine 92-76E is a Spartan/Fort Garry, 1050 gpm pump / 600 gal booster. It has a rear access cab, and centre mounted controls.

Third visitor is Spare Quint, Emergency-One, 90-57Q. It has a 1050 gpm pump and 500 gal booster along with the 75 foot aerial ladder.

Next week there may be another selection of interesting units.
Station 4 is located on Duffus Street, and serves the far north-end of the Halifax peninsula.


Big Western Star and bigger Kenworth

J.D.Irving Ltd's Equipment Division is better known for its construction cranes - which can get pretty big. It stands to reason then that they would have some big trucks. This Western Star is spec'd for float trailer work and was in town from New Brunswick headquarters to load a crane.
But they have bigger - this Kenworth has some years on it, and probably a lot more hours then miles. It's really a ballast wagon/prime mover:
It's all wheel drive and has that extra large rad you usually only see on logging trucks. It has an unusual job these days. When a ship is launched at Halifax Shipyard, it is used as a counterweight to slow the ship's movement as it slides down the slipway. Mind you these are not huge ships, they are patrol boats for the Coast Guard, but the truck - connected with a very long cable through a large sheave - provides effective braking as it starts and stops while the ship moves along. Unfortunately it is hidden behind buildings and fences while it does this - so no photo, except this one (sorry):

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pete from far away

No matter whether you figure it from the truck owners or the truck operators this Peterbilt was far from home when it parked in Halifax for the weekend.
The truck runs for R and R Trucking of Duenweg, Missouri. That's near Joplin, in the southwest corner of the state close to the Arkansas/ Oklahoma/ Kansas borders.
A specialist outfit, they carry defence, radioactive and explosives but also have flat deck, drom and dry van capabilities. I saw no trailer any where near this rig, so can't guess what they were hauling, except it is likely port related.
The truck owners are Ken and Jan Taylor of Burbank, Washington. That's way farther west! - near Walla Walla in the southern part of the state:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Liebherr for Quebec

Guay Cranes of Quebec should be seeing their new Liebherr truck crane this weekend. The big 8 axle rig left Halifax last night by train. It posed some photographic challenges!
Guay is the largest crane operating company in Canada and the third largest in North America according to their web site:

The crane is so big that it overhangs both ends of its rail car, and therefore needed two idler cars to separate it from the adjoining loads.