Monday, September 28, 2015

Pete carries Fassi load crane

It was hard to get photos of this Pete under the noon sun. However I did manage to get enough to show off its Fasssi F560XP loading crane. The Italian made crane has a reach of up to 54m and a lift u to 30.45 tonnes.
All mounted on a reinforced and extended chassis, with fifth wheel.

I believe, from the truck's company number and red colour that it is operated by Dexter Construction / Municipal Group. It had delivered some stone from a quarry to an art installation site.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Clean Machine from BC

The combination of a very clean classic Kenworth, a British Columbia license plate and and oversized sleeper drew my eye at Burnside this morning.

Operated by Nanaimo Minute Men 2006 Ltd, a UVL member, this truck was certainly a standout. The 53 foot Kentucky trailer was also well equipped with a variety of doors - some were open for cleaning.

Coast to coast moves are not unheard of here, because navy personel are often transferred between bases in Halifax and Esquimalt, on Vancouver Island.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Road Trip report finale - more multi-axles

To wrap up my August road trip report,  I will end it with a some more multi-axle trucks found at Simard Suspenionas in Baie-St-Paul, QC.
Yellow was the predominant colour one day when I spotted this pair.

This Freightliner 122 set back already has a Simard second steering axle added but not connected. These narrow integral mini-sleepers seems to be more common now and are popular with specialized carriers.Note the quad air horns.

 A Pete, also with quad air horns, and equipped with a pair of drop axles, and a wide stance front axle was also waiting for work. It was driven from the Pete factory in Texas.

A very odd coloured Mack also had its second steering axle in place, but not engaged. Its two tone pastel scheme must be unique.

Twin Freightliner 114 dump trucks in the fleet of Fernand Harvey et Fils Inc of Clermont, QC, are still looking good after two years' service. They have midships lift axles for heavy loads.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Unacknowledged Peterbilt

Transport Patrick Lizotte of St-Onésime d' Ixworth, QC (near La Pocatière if that helps) is a one truck, one trailer operation, with a very nice rig.

It appeared on the waterfront this morning, perhaps carrying produce or meat for one of the visiting cruise ships. The nicely fitted out Peterbilt tractor has had all its Pete badges removed and replaced with the letter "S". I am not sure what the significance of that might be, but it does not disguise the fact that it is a Peterbilt.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Road Trip report continued

I either didn't see or didn't photograph too may Kenworth's this summer - not sure why - they are hugely popular in Quebec.

This pair of shiny new KWs at Simard Suspensions ready to be fitted out for some heavy work. The new look fat radiator grille traces it ancestry to Kenworth's legendary tombstone rad - like this:

 Seen at a garage in La Malbaie this veteran sports the plastic fenders which purists decried when they first came out, but which have remarkably survived hard use. Perhaps that heavy bumper, complete with towing pin has something to do with it.
I have always wondered if those plastic fenders were a result of Kenworth taking over Sicard's Quebec factory. Sicard were pioneers in the use of plastic for hoods and fenders.

The north shore St.Lawrence is lined with small towns and villages and numerous wholesalers use tandem axle straight trucks to deliver the relatively small quantities of goods.

 This hardy Ryder KW tandem with reefer body works out of Lévis and seems to favour the convenience stores attached to Irving Oil gas stations for its many stops.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer Road Trip Report - Part 1 of many

I will start with my favourite truck brand - though much changed from its heyday.

The Autocar brand was cast off by Volvo after they acquired White / GMC, and a new owner managed to resume business using the old White Xpeditor tilt cab, and specializing in vocational trucks mostly in the refuse and recycling field, but also as a concrete pumper chassis. 

I spotted this beauty at Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul, QC where it was being prepped for service.


The Xpeditor cab appears to be somewhat modified from its White days - I think the quater windows may have been added, but the doors sure look familiar.

 Those familiar doors showed up on this elderly Volvo White GMC with a B-train load of peat moss waiting for the ferry at St-Siméon, QC.

Of course the dominant brand in the refuse collection / concrete pumper  COE field is still Mack, but Peterbilt is also present. Here is a recent selection, also at Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul..


A pair of identical Petes were painted and ready to haul with their sleek Leach compactors. Note the left side exhaust stack.

This factory white Pete awaits its turn, but for different treatment, judging by the drop axle. Note the lack of handles to tilt the cab.

This trio of Mack's were not exactly alike. The one on the right shows a different cab step platform.

To be continued.