Saturday, September 17, 2016

They're Back

They're back and so am I, at least partially. Since August vacation I have been traveling on business, so I have a backlog of photos to post. I will work away at them over the coming weeks.

By "them" I mean those prolific recreational vehicles from abroad, which stream in and out of Halifax by ship all summer long and well into the autumn. Most are from Europe, but last week I spotted a first- an Australian.

Plastered with souvenir license plates and carrying a large set of moose antlers on the roof, this Isuzu is certainly a rare sight too. I could not tell from a distance if it was right hand drive, which it should be, since Japan and Australia are among the few right hand drive countries in the world (and Britain of course.).

The vehicle advertises a web address, but I would not follow up on it as it shows as not secure.

More typical are European visitors, such as this sleek little Citroen with Possl van conversion. The occupants were airing a little laundry on the driver's side as they waited for the Fairview Cove terminal gates to open.

These vehicles fan out all over North America, so it wasn't much of a surprise to see several in Quebec this summer.

This odd  little Toyota Hilux pick-up chassis with camper body was a lot more basic than many of the European vehicles I have seen from Germany, although I did see a similar one in 2013. It does appear to have a pass through into the cab.

More big trucks to come...