Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where's the fire

A recent trip through Pierreville St-François-du-Lac QC, showed up a few interesting pieces of E-One apparatus at the Techno-Feu dealer. Despite heavy rain I was able to click away at a few of them.

 Single axle Freightliner for the town of Repentigny  next to a Montreal aerial.:

Larger tandem pumper tanker on a 2008 Freightliner chassis from nearby Varennes is in for service:
Unmarked airport unit is not new - look at the rusty rims.

This aerial is assigned to the Institut de protection contre les incendies de Quebec, the firefighter training school in Laval.

Another aerial from the school, this one a Bronto Skylift.
Some handsome black over red aerials from Montreal. The number 473 indicates that it is a ladder (4) and that it is assigned to station 73 (rue St-Germain, St-Laurent). This is a 135 ft rearmount dating from 1993 according the Wiki:


Ville de Mont-Laurier operates this platform aerial.


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  1. The Montréal ladder 473 is a brand new one, who is not in service yet. It will replace the 1993. It's a 2015 E-One Cyclone II with a 137' rearmount ladder. The Mont-Laurier tower is also a brand new one, a 2015 E-One Cyclone II with a 1750 IGPM pump, 250 imp. gallons tank and a 100' ladder.