Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Road Trip Report -1

My recent road trip turned up a lot of interesting vehicles, and so follows a series of reports on what I saw:

At the Navistar International dealer in Hanwell, NB (just outside Fredericton, and the nearest dealer to the Gagetown military base) there were several International 7000s, the standard Canadian military LLC Medium Logistics truck, based on the commercial Work Star.

The usual extended cab 6x6 has been supplemented with a mid-chassis hydraulic crane.

There were also several of these rigs with crew cabs.

They all carry the typically Canadian roof top box and access ladder

Speaking of Internationals, there are still a few of my old favourite Paystar 5000s, to be found:

 This former Quebec highways department Paystar is a classic. It is now mostly a hobby truck as far as I can tell, but it probably still sees winter use and seems to be fitted for carrying firewood.

A more recent version of the Paystar 5000, also a former highways department unit, needs some work before it hits the road next winter.

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