Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Peugeot Partner

Halifax is the transshipment port for new automobiles headed for the French islands of St-Pierre et Miquelon, off the south coast of Newfoundland. The new vehicles arrive in Halifax directly from France on ships of the Atlantic Container line. They are then transferred from the Fairview Cove container terminal to the Halterm container terminal and loaded aboard a smaller ship for St-Pierre et Miquelon.
Since the vehicles are not licensed to travel in Canada, they are transported overload on flat decks or towed.
St-Pierre et Miquelon is actually part of France, even though the islands are in North America, so the vehicles are built to European standards.
Therefore we are likely to see cars and light trucks in Halifax that are never seen anywhere else in North America.
Such was the case today when about a dozen Peugeot  Partners passed through Halifax.

Added Touch Towing got the job to transport the mini-vans using a tilt deck with towing bar to take three at a time. A smaller tilt deck was also used to take two at a time.

A new Irving Oil truck sits in the background (it is probably headed for Newfoundland) as the Peugeots are unloaded. The Partners appeared to be in two styles, one with and one without side door windows, and two colours, silver or white.

These little vans are as common as can be in France, but Peugeot gave up on the rest of North America years ago, so we will never see them driving on our streets.

For more, see Peugeot's home page for vehicules utilitaires:


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