Monday, June 29, 2015

Road Trip Report 4 - no fire here

There was a public event underway in the Pictou fire hall on June 20 so the apparatus had been wheeled out onto to the apron. Despite long shadows from the late evening sun, the unique "biscuit" over over red colour scheme was still vidible.

Unit No.1 is this good looking Ford F-350 light rescue.

 Big Sterling Acterra from Metalfab is Truck 7....
Its ULC plate indicates an October 12, 2007 certification at 1050 igpm.

Classy American LaFrance Eagle is called "Number 6"....
Its plate is dated June 8, 2000 and it also rates at 1050 igpm.

I have featured some of the previous apparatus from the Pictou VFD here before:

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