Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travelling with the Uni-mog

 1. Fresh off the boat, Unimog "White Wolf" is about to set out on an expedition.

A major expedition is about to get underway today from Halifax, using one of those ubiquitous Unimogs.
Much favoured by the military, off-roaders, and now adventure tourists, this particular trip will cross Canada first. The it will wend its way north to Alaska, then south to Ushuaia, Argentina. The nearest town to Cape Horn in Tierra del Fuego, has a latitude of 68 degrees, 18 minutes, 0 seconds South and a longitude of 54 degrees, 48 minutes and 0 seconds South, according to the banner on the side of the van.
Read more on the White Wolf on the web site: . If like me you can't read German, you will have to translate the page.
2. High ground clearance and slopped "stern" ensure this Unimog can get through just about any kind of road or track.

Bon Voyage!