Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not always Star, but Liners too

Despite recent posts, Western Stars are not the only trucks on the road for heavy hauls these days. Atlantic Tiltload had their shiny Freightliner #76 on the job today hauling an oversize Cat 349E excavator.
The excavator, minus its ballast plates, rode on a four wheel trailer and two axle dolly combo to spread the weight out over nine axles.
The big engine Freightliner sports a small sleeper, lots of fuel tanks and tool storage. An inscription on the door says "Big Joe".

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dogs for Export - but we keep a few as navigators

In addition to the thriving export market for old school buses and old COE cabs to Cuba, there also seems to be a demand far to our south for old 'dogs.

This pair of Mack R model dump trucks were outbound in February. Originally from New Brunswick, they appeared to have a few years left on them.
At one time they belonged to H. Thomas and Sons.

Today, this Mack appeared, fresh from a Ritchie Bros auction - still with the auction stickers:

Formerly with Fred W. Engelmann of Lennoxville, QC, this one looks ready to roll.

We don't export all our 'dogs, we keep a few around Halifax to act as navigators in our rush hour traffic.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Western Star again

It seems that Western Star has a lock on the heavy hauler business in this region. Civil engineering contractors Gulf Operators Ltd (a member of the Irving Group of companies) of New Brunswick had this shiny Star on the waterfront today off-loading a front end loader from a Talbert trailer.
1. Very clean Western Star, complete with Mustang radiator emblem and chrome rims has dropped its Talbert trailer for unloading.
2. Reconnected again, he's almost ready for the road. The chrome rims on the trailer are a nice touch.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Western Stars hual the big stuff

Some big roads on the roads of Halifax in the last couple of days, both hauled by Western Stars.
1. Atlantic Tiltload's Western Satr unit # 48 was all ready for a big load yesterday. Complete with four axle trailer, two axle dolly, with an extra axle on the tractor if needed.

2. This morning Mills Hauling had this transformer on four axle trailer and extra axle Western Star tractor They also had two of their own escort vehicles, tow police cars and a Nova Scotia Power line truck in convoy, ready to set out through downtown traffic.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Still like COEs

I still like tilt cabs and COEs even if they are beasts to drive, due to cramped space and dangerous due to proximity to front bumper.

This BC plated Freightliner with big sleeper and drom is a like a blast from the past.Spotted today in the Bedford Mall parking lot. I'm not sure what the stainless steel plate just behind the driver's window is about. Maybe a vent, but those are normally vertical in that position.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The rush is on again

Those adventurous European travellers are starting to appear again for another season. Although early in the year, this does not seem to deter the hardiest types.

These Swiss citizens are not intimidated by snow in the weather forecast. Especailly since the have just taken delivery of this brand new Toyota Landcruiser with light weight Bimobil camper body.
Like most of these visitors they are headed for the Rockies and Alaska.

Another rig I saw today looks more suited to the main roads. It is Ford (Transit) 125 T 350, a strictly European model,  with a sizable Rimor NG5 body.
Take a video tour: