Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Road Trip Report 5 - Western Stars

Western Stars seem to leap before my camera in many places as I make my rounds.

Long wheelbase wrecker works out of Yamachiche, QC, serving routes 138 and 20.

Also a wrecker, but an unusual single drive axle unit, this 'Star, with classic Autocar cab, serves the Miscou Island area of New Brunswick.

Clearing the way for the wrecker during Miscou's notorious winters, this aged White Western Star sports a pair of shop made checkerplate fenders.

Langille Brothers Contracting Ltd of New Glasgow, NS run this big Western Star with a custom billet grille.

This Shriner parade vehicle owes some of its inspiration to Western Star - at least for the hood, but the cab looks more like a Freightliner. Its sponsor is Hodgson Trucking, a real trucking company working from the Eastern Passage area of Halifax hauling tankers, containers and doing other general trucking.


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