Thursday, July 7, 2016

On Vacation

Truckfax will be more or less on vacation until September. I may make the odd post if I am near my computer.
I won't be resting in a Mercedes Carthago before I start out on my travels.

The owners of this one were doing a little map study yesterday before they hit the road.

I also will not be fortunate enough to take my vacation in a Mercedes Zetros 2733 with a Bliss Mobil RV body built like a shipping container.

This one came barreling out of the Fairview Cove container terminal this afternoon heading directly for the open road with no stopping to check the map. It is wearing Dutch license plates, but was going too fast to glean any other information.

I'll be back when the crops are in...

Pete hauling a Deere harvester runs for Pro-Chop Equipment Inc of St-Armand, QC. Love the chain motif paint job and the air horn down beside the battery box. I bet it gives bicyclists a real thrill!
Owner operators are a couple from Chamberland, QC.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kalmar Ottawas on the job at Halterm

The Halterm container teminal has put some of its new Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminla tractors in serivce. They are replacing earlier Ottawas that have seen many years of rugged use.

The new tractors join a series of new Kalmar front end loaders. All the new units appear to be taking the yard numbers of the units they are replacing, making it easy to keep score.