Saturday, September 17, 2016

They're Back

They're back and so am I, at least partially. Since August vacation I have been traveling on business, so I have a backlog of photos to post. I will work away at them over the coming weeks.

By "them" I mean those prolific recreational vehicles from abroad, which stream in and out of Halifax by ship all summer long and well into the autumn. Most are from Europe, but last week I spotted a first- an Australian.

Plastered with souvenir license plates and carrying a large set of moose antlers on the roof, this Isuzu is certainly a rare sight too. I could not tell from a distance if it was right hand drive, which it should be, since Japan and Australia are among the few right hand drive countries in the world (and Britain of course.).

The vehicle advertises a web address, but I would not follow up on it as it shows as not secure.

More typical are European visitors, such as this sleek little Citroen with Possl van conversion. The occupants were airing a little laundry on the driver's side as they waited for the Fairview Cove terminal gates to open.

These vehicles fan out all over North America, so it wasn't much of a surprise to see several in Quebec this summer.

This odd  little Toyota Hilux pick-up chassis with camper body was a lot more basic than many of the European vehicles I have seen from Germany, although I did see a similar one in 2013. It does appear to have a pass through into the cab.

More big trucks to come...


Thursday, July 7, 2016

On Vacation

Truckfax will be more or less on vacation until September. I may make the odd post if I am near my computer.
I won't be resting in a Mercedes Carthago before I start out on my travels.

The owners of this one were doing a little map study yesterday before they hit the road.

I also will not be fortunate enough to take my vacation in a Mercedes Zetros 2733 with a Bliss Mobil RV body built like a shipping container.

This one came barreling out of the Fairview Cove container terminal this afternoon heading directly for the open road with no stopping to check the map. It is wearing Dutch license plates, but was going too fast to glean any other information.

I'll be back when the crops are in...

Pete hauling a Deere harvester runs for Pro-Chop Equipment Inc of St-Armand, QC. Love the chain motif paint job and the air horn down beside the battery box. I bet it gives bicyclists a real thrill!
Owner operators are a couple from Chamberland, QC.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kalmar Ottawas on the job at Halterm

The Halterm container teminal has put some of its new Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminla tractors in serivce. They are replacing earlier Ottawas that have seen many years of rugged use.

The new tractors join a series of new Kalmar front end loaders. All the new units appear to be taking the yard numbers of the units they are replacing, making it easy to keep score.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Terradyne Ghurka - up close

Usually I can only see them through a fence and at a distance, but I managed an up close view this evening as a lone Terradyne Ghurka sat on a low bed trailer outside the fence at the Fairview Cove terminal..

This Ghurka has no military markings and is painted almost black, but which appears brown at some angles. There was no clue as to its destination, but it is for export.

See my previous post:
In that series, they did have some military marks applied.

 Perhaps this one is intended for a police force rather than an army.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Eura Mobil - tandem RV PLUS Bonus Round

Just when you think you've seen it all, something nerw comes down the pike to surprise you.

Withe rush of European RVs pretty much at an end - most travellers want to get here before June- there are a few stragglers, and this one showed up today.

It is not a current model and in fact it may be a 2008 or even as early as 2000. It appears to be a Fiat cab, with a 7 berth EuraMobil RV body. The tandem rears really stand out from the norm.

Bonus Round
I rarely see these European RVs more than once, but I was surprised this evening when the same vehicle pulled into a waterfront parking lot. I also had a chance to speak to its gracious owner, Tomas.

This is indeed a year 2000 model, front wheel drive Fiat, and is relatively under powered by current standards, but due to the absence of a lot of pollution controls, it does very well at high altitudes. The RV had recently covered several countries in South America, was shipped back to Germany then on to Halifax. Unfortunately there were many delays, and Tomas (the owner) tells me that he is now too late in the season to make it to Alaska (the Holy Grail for European RVs.)

Tomas also told me that he looked for a newer RV at a reasonable price but could find nothing that compared to this one for the roominess. He also liked the tandem real wheels for the rough roads in South America and its ability to track straight on the highway. The front wheel drive is a bit of a liability however, and he was forced to back up some steep hills in South America!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Kenworths to go (overseas)

A pair of Kenworths appeared this evening complete with dump bodies, apparently ready to head to new owners overseas. The long wheelbase tractors with tridrive rear axles indicate a far western origin - something not often seen in this part of ther world.

The two tractors appear to have some miles on them, but the dump bodies look brand new. The rigs carry Camex bumper stickers and mud flaps, indicating that they have been sold by the Nisku, AB based Camex Equipment Sales + Rentals Inc.  See:

The trailers come from the Brandon, MB manufacturer Cancade Company Ltd, see:

Delivery of the trucks from their origin to Halifax has apparently been entrusted to 1540924 Ontario Inc, d/b/a Move It Shuttle Systems of Dunnville, ON.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kalmars for Halterm

Halterm, the container terminal operated by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners in the south end of Halifax, is getting some new container handling equipment.

The first deliveries are three new Kalmar Front End Loaders (FELS) that arrived by sea from Sweden at the Fairview Cove container terminal operated by competitor Cerescorp. Atlantic Container Line, which includes Gothenburg in its port calls, delivered the units to Halifax and Atlantic Tiltload Ltd trucked them to Halterm.

The Kalmars are truly massive units, when seen in comparison to ATL's Western Star as it exits the Fairview Cove pier.

As they come off the ship, the cab is in a lowered position, the rear fenders are not installed and the lift mast was shipped separately.
 A fully assembled unit has been doing trials with some typical 20 ft containers.

They appear to be Kalmar's biggest model, called the DCF 520 which has a lifting capacity of 52 tonnes.
See the brochure:  kalmar-forklifts-1852-ton-capacity/

Kalmar is part of the Cargotec group of companies which also includes the Ottawa brand terminal tractor, and Hiab cranes, among others. They also build straddle carriers and reach stackers, and provide various services to terminal design and operation.
See more: Kalmar Milestones

Halterm will also be getting 8 new intermodal terminal tractors, for shuttling containers within the terminal and 5 new RoRo tractors that will move containers off and onto ships.