Thursday, February 8, 2018

Make Mine a Mack - some assembly required

Three Renault Kerax 8x8 chassis arrived in Halifax by a ship a week or so ago.

The long awaited Canadian Army MSVS SMP (the original order goes back a long way, but was confirmed in 2015) which was to be delivered in 2017-2018 has started to trickle in - but from offshore.
If you recall the order was with Mack Defense for 1500 8x8s (with shift to 8x4 for the road), 300 trailers and 150 armoured cabs. The trucks were to be re-badged Renault Kerax (including a re-badged 11 liter Renault turbo-charged diesel), and were to be assembled in Ste-Claire, QC at the Prévost factory.
Prévost is the Canadian bus subsidiary of Volvo, as Renault is wholly owned by Volvo, and so is Mack.
Volvo must be taking a leaf out of its compatriot company Ikea, because the only assembly I see happening is definitely DIY - glue the letters M-A-C-K on the grille of a totally assembled Renault. Then bolt on the appropriate body. Is this what the gov was expecting - who knows. 
I propose to rename the truck the IKEARAX.

Headed out for Ste-Claire, QC this afternoon this Kerax looks road ready. Perhaps a 16 speed ZF manual transmission would not be as pleasant to drive as the Navistar hauling it.

No Mack badge evident but the Renault trademark is there, front and centre. The truck is chained down, but no wheel chocks or other rigging is apparent.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Demag has another big one for Mammoet

The Dutch based heavy lift specialists Mammoet, active in various parts of Canada, have brought in another large mobile crane.

Far from the largest crane Demag builds, it is certainly one of the largest I have seen come through the Port of Halifax. It appears to be an AC 500-8 model: 500 tonne capacity, 56m boom + 90m boom extension with 16 x 8 x 14 drive train, and a short 17.1m carrier length.

It was lashed down on its own rail car and may have made it on this evening's train, heading west. Its hydraulic extension boom is presumably travelling independently, possibly by truck.

Since 2016, parent company Terex has re-introduced the Demag (Deutsche Machinenbau AG) brand. Terex also builds smaller cranes under the Terex brand name.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Western Star in the rain

Rain certainly does not diminish the bright red company color for Atlantic Tiltload. The growing company, based in Dartmouth, NS with an office in Saint John, has a large fleet of vehicles of various sizes, from small tilt decks to large highway tractors.

Among them are several twin steer dual axle straight trucks, one of which is this impressive Western Star with Palfinger PK 92002-SH  knuckle boom.

Atlantic Tiltload #38 poses in the rain this afternoon.

Atlantic Tiltload seems to be concentrating on Western Stars these days. They still have couple of Cats that are not the favourites for their drivers, and smattering of other brands.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Miltary vehicles retuning from abroad

Some Canadian HLVW military trucks (Heavy Logistic Vehicles)  have been returned to Canada by ship in recent weeks. I first spotted three of them October 31 lashed down to container frames, but they had been in Halifax for some days then, so I have no idea exactly where they came from.

Because of the casual lettering applied to doors, I assume they were declared surplus before they left their overseas postings and have been returned here for sale. Alternately they may be ear marked for rebuild since they do not appear to be in poor condition.

Two for the price of one?

These trucks have been Canadian army workhorses since 1990. 1,212 of them were built by Urban Transportation Development Corp (Can-Car), based on the Steyr 1491 Percheron as the UTDC 24M32

Long overdue for replacement (2015 by some estimates) the process has started to find a new 16.5 tonne+  6x6 which may be delivered as soon as 2021. Military procurement being what it is, I am not holding my breath.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Lashed and ready to go

A string of trucks loaded on flat cars is an unusual sight on the waterfront. Usually it is cranes imported for Canadian users. This time however it is several Canadian vehicles, probably heading back to their base in Grand Prairie, AB.  Belonging to to the Valard Group, a conglomerate of fourteen brands it is the Canadian presence for Quanta Services. They specialize in engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of power and telecom transmission projects. I suspect these vehicles were working on the Muskrat Falls project in Newfoundland., and they were a bit of mixed bag.

Leading the parade was this twin steer tandem Western Star with a Manitex crane.

 Next was a twin steer Kenworth with a National crane and triple axles, followed by a modest Freightliner.

The last in line was another W'Star also a twin steer, tri-axle with Manitex crane, sharing its car with Deere a front end loader.

There were also a number of trailers and other gear loaded on rail cars behind the fence at pier 31, out of photo range.

The "Manitex" brand name on the crane booms appears to have been painted over with single coat of white paint, but was still visible. Based in Bridgeview, IL, Manitex was started in 1983 by Manitowoc Company and sold off to new owners in 2003 and is a totally independent and unrelated company separately listed on NAASDAQ.

Manitowoc acquired Potain in 2001, Grove and National Crane in 2002 and continues to make National Cranes for boom trucks in addition to a range of construction cranes and is active world-wide.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Paccar Fleet

Kings Produce Ltd, based in Greenwich and Port Williams, Kings County, NS, was formed by several farm producers to distribute their crops. As part of the operation they set up a trucking company, which has a unique characteristic. Unlike most trucking companies that adopt a standard colour scheme, each Kings truck  has a unique, but somewhat similar paint job.

Most of the trucks are Peterbilts, but I see at least one Kenworth - both brands owned by PACCAR (originally Pacific Car and Foundry)  the last of the independent truck builders.

These rigs were parked at their Greenwich truck shop Saturday, getting their weekly washes.


Sunday, October 1, 2017


M+J Total Transport + Rigging Inc, a division of Mills Heavy Hauling Inc of Halifax has been operating this Mercedes Actros for a few years now. Usually off in some remote area of eastern Canada working on wind turbines or hidden away in an industrial site, it doesn't often make an appearance in the wide open spaces.

Last week it was inside a chain link fence at Pier 9C in Halifax, after a heavy load transfer, but this weekend it appeared in the marshaling area outside the Fairview Cove container terminal. The truck originated with Fahrenholz Industrie in Germany, a company that works with Mills for expediting cargo on the European side of the pond.