Monday, May 14, 2012

Travelling season for me too.

Travelling season is upon us once again. I will be travelling for the next month, so there will be very few if any posts on this site.
Those intrepid European visitors are also travelling. They have been picking up their camper vans in Halifax for the last week or two and embarking on various odysseys.

Gee, I wonder what's under that tarp?

I don't pretend to know much about tanks, but as the old saying goes, I know one when I see one.
I also know that Canada has purchased 100 Leopard tanks from Europe, mainly from the Dutch. Therefore when I saw this tank with "NL" on its side, I assumed that this is one of them.
More info here:

It arrived by ship without the tarp, but that was added before it was loaded aboard this Paron trailer hauled by one of Mills's big Western Stars.

1. Paron trailer is well loaded with this tank.

 2,3,4,5 The tarp doesn't do much to disguise the tank or its origins. I can imagine a lot of air got under it once the truck was under way- I wonder how long it lasted?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Macks move mountains

There is a major crushed rock movement underway for pier construction work on the Halifax waterfront.  Among the variety of trucks bringing the material in from Conrad's quarry in Dartmouth are tow Macks- one new and one with a few miles on the clock.

The Mack DMM 8x6 operated by Fred Dunphy Trucking is "twenty years old" according to the driver, which is pretty good for a dumper. The Beauroc body is newer, which helps the make the truck look good.

The new Mack is a Granite model with Simard Suspensions twin steer. A bit lower to the ground it has rear drive only.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Sweeper for Halifax streets

1. The new sweeper in the dumping mode, this afternoon.

Halifax Regional Municipality has a new street sweeper. The sweeper body is a Johnston North America VT650, with all the bells and whistles, including stainless steel body and hydraulic operation. The sweeper mechanism is powered by its own dedicated auxiliary motor.
The chassis and cab is of course dual control, but it is labeled "CMC". The only CMC  I can find is the China Motor Corp of Taiwan, who seem to be in the business of building Mistsubishi cars and light trucks/vans.  So far I can't find any heavier trucks built by CMC-so this one is a bit of an oddity.
2. The new CMC with Johnston North America sweeper this morning.

Still running is a Sterling chassis with Elgin sweeper. The Sterling is of course the European type Ford Cargo cab, which was produced by Sterling when it took over Ford's heavy truck line. With Sterling gone from the picture, the light duty low cab forward/COE market is wide open.

3. CMC and the Sterling/Elgin. 

The new rig replaces and older Ford Cargo cab and chassis with Johston 605 sweeper.

4. The retired Ford with Johnston body at W.D. Lawrence's auto salvage in Upper Rawdon in April.