Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Saudi LAVs, Earl Paddock delivers

The seemingly endless supply of LAVs continues to roll through Halifax, for shipment to Saudi Arabia. As usual it is Earl Paddock Transportation of Stoney Creek, ON wheeling them in. This winter the LAVs, although shrink wrapped, are being kept under cover in a waterfront warehouse, so that they do not have to be dug out of the snow when the ship arrives.
Yesterday morning this KW W900 (not the usual T800) awaited an unloading time. A Saudi ship is due today to take the latest deliveries from General Dynamics Land Systems in London, ON.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

BIG orange mine trucks

I spotted these big orange mine trucks at Hodgson Trucking in Eastern Passage today. I couldn't detect a manufacturer's name on them.
1. This loader did not have its bucket attached- judging by the gear on the front, it would be huge.

2. There was a pair of these dumpers, with four wheel steering.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bell 4206D - big scraper tractor

Not a name I was familiar with until I looked it up, Bell seems to be a primo tractor for those big off road scrapers. Usually fitted with wheels instead of treads, it hauls the Terra Titan  44 cubic yard, 110,000 pound scraper with hi arch gooseneck.
I don't see the scraper body around, I probably missed it. They would have arrived in Halifax by ship earlier this week.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Call out the plows

Halifax City streets today.

A big snow fall, followed by rain made for heavy work for truck mounted plows, so there was lots of other equipment out on the roads including this Komatsu. An impressive sight at 30 or 40 kph.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

PACCAR - all shapes, all sizes

Pacific Car and Foundry (PACCAR) the parent  company of Kenworth and Peterbilt is well represented on the roads these days, and is expanding its range of vehicles down in to smaller sizes, in addition to providing many models in larger sized trucks.
1. This little KW is fitted with a Swenson spreader for the winter, but will likely be fitted with a dump body for the summer. It also appears to have brine or other anti-freezing liquid additive.

 2. G.A.Foss Transport of Vaughan, ON distributes petroleum products and is part of the Seaboard Harmac group of companies.
3. They have a fleet of identical spec KWs, all leased from PACCAR's leasing operation Paclease.
4. The local Peterbilt dealer has four of these big Pete 6x6s waiting delivery to the Dexter/Municipal Construction group. Built on traditional lines they have headlights mounted in the bumper to keep them closer to the ground. Compared to a recent vintage highway tractor their overall height is no greater, but there is a lot more ground clearance.