Friday, July 29, 2011

On vacation

I will be away from my computer during August, and will not be posting to Truckfax. I do hope I have better luck than this photo would indicate.

I've been trying to get an action shot of this classic tow truck for 10 years - and just missed this one in July. His usual parking spot in Clermont, QC has him nose in to a building wall, preventing any kind of good photo. Was this my last chance?

Come back in September and find out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mystery Truck at Louiseville, QC

I spotted this plow/spreader at Louiseville, QC on July 7. So far I have had no luck in identifying the manufacturer. It doesn't seem likely that it was built by Machineries et Pneus Thériault, where it was parked (and whose mud flaps it is wearing) but that is one possibility.

There are several snow plow and snow blower manufacturers in Quebec, which only makes it a more difficult proposition.

I particularly like the angled quarter windows on the cab, a feature I have never seen before.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big KW far from home

Miller Transfer & Rigging of Edinburgh, Ohio is a heavy load specialist, and as a result are likely to work all over North America. I was surprised however to see their big KW at Pointe-à-la-Croix, QC (just across the Matapedia River from Campellton, NB) on July 10.

I was disappointed not to see any sign of a trailer. According to their website they have some big ones:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Fort Garry delivers two to CFB Halifax

Fort Garry Fire Trucks of Winnipeg delivered two Hazmat Command Units to Canadian Forces Base Halifax on March 20, 2011. They are numbered 4 and 12. The latter unit appears on FG's web site under recent deliveries:

Unit#4 is shown above from the drivers side, at Lockhart's today. It appears completely unused, with builders delivery plastic covers on some of the components. Delivery was no doubt timed to come in before the end of the fiscal year 2010-2011.

Built on 2008 Sterling Acterra 4x4 chassis, they are fitted with 14 foot aluminum (salt water grade) bodies, and look like they would go just about anywhere.

Since Sterling production stopped in 2010, these units were obviously from stock somewhere. There are still quantities of new/unused Sterlings around, so it may take some time before they are all on the road.

Not willing to remove the Sterling identity completely, Fort Garry nevertheless partly concealed the name on the front grill with warning lights, resulting in an "ERLI" - I wonder how long that will last before someone removes all the letters?

Transit Mixers in Transit

New Mack trucks are delivered in style with, in this case, four Granite units hooked together. Despite the Missouri plates, Macks are built in Macungie, Pennsylvania. The window stickers indicate a manufacture date of June 24 and a delivery date of July 19. This photo was taken at the Irving Big Stop in Aulac, NB on July 11, so they should make it in time.

By the look of the beefy front bumpers, to protect the Power Take Offs, these trucks will be used for transit mixers.

Veteran in Miramichi

Miramichi City FD (the result of the amalgamation of Newcastle and Chatham, NB) is a large force and covers a wide area. See

Ladder 11 runs this 1985 Pierreville (number 8401) with Pemfab chassis. Pierreville (an offshoot of the Thibault family splits) was based in St-François-du-Lac, QC, on the other side of the St-François River from Pierreville. Pemberton Fabricators was located in New Jersey. I don't know who WesTower was, but it is their name on the 100 foot aerial device that also carried Pierreville's name. All these companies have been out of the fire truck business for many years.

The smart looking Pemfabs were once common (Halifax had several engines) but are rarely seen in front line service for major departments after all this time.

This one is serial number PFT-1317, and according to the Canadian Fire Truck Archive, was built originally for Sarasota, FL, then operated by Kitchener, ON until bought by Miramichi.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Wheelbase Freightliner COEs

Freightliner COEs are becoming rarer and rarer, so I was surprised to see a California classic in Forestville, QC on July 4. While busy taking photos of it, I was doubly amazed to see another long wheelbase FL arrive and park right next to it.
Two in one day!
1. The name on the door says Waylon Dorner, Ontario, CA. Classic FL west coaster.

2. This one was a little closer to home, hailing from Coaticook, QC. Its stinger type flat bed trailer is a real rarity.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recent Wreckers

I've see a few tow trucks in the last little while. They seem to be getting bigger and better!

1. Remorquage et Trasnport Ferron of Louiseville, QC is a towing and trucking company with a large repair garage. It runs this wrecker for hire, built on a Freightliner chassis. They're on Facebook at

2. A-1 Towing of Lower Sackville, NS has several smaller trucks, but keeps this one for the big jobs. The 40 ton slider is built on a Kenworth chassis.

3. I finally got a shot of Ruggles Towing Service's Pete while it was standing still. It is picking up Parrish & Heimbecker's (formerly Dover Mills) CCC yard tug for servicing. It's a day cab truck and is kept busy around Halifax.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Simard Suspensions booming

With a yard packed with dozens of trucks ready for new twin steer axles, and conversion for refuse, plow and transit mix work, Simard Suspensions in Baie St-Paul, QC was a very busy spot in early July.
Here are some highlights:

1. Brightly painted KW is being readied probably for a roll off dumpster body. [see Comment - it will be a tanker!]

2. The KW has the raised roof/extended cab now offered by KW to make more room for the driver and shotgun.

3. American LaFrance got the Sterling Condor line when they were sold off by Daimler. The Condors are being marked for refuse packer work.

4. This Mack is ready for (shudder) winter. The brightly painted wing plow will be hard to miss!