Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Big 3 Golden Oldies

Old trucks are everywhere, but some draw attention for various reasons

In the 1950s Dodge changed the look of their trucks every year just as they did with cars. Therefore this is pretty easy to identify as a 1958.The panel van was rarer than the pickup, and this decently restored model, but would have been a small portion of the 58,671 Dodge tucks produced in the US in 1958. This one lives in Miramichi, NB.
With the optional V-8 under the hood it would be a dynamite ride.

The much reviled Ford Cargo (which was later taken over by Sterling) is a rare sight these days. By the look of this tilt-deck, I wonder it if is a former fire truck. The white over red colour scheme would certainly suggest it. The double barrel horn in the bumper is another hint. Sighted in Burnside June 27.  

 I've trying to get a picture of this Jimmy for years, but it is hard to find it sitting still. The Cat powered C8500 spends is days hauling empty containers and container chassis around Halifax. The only single axle truck in that work, it is certainly a rarity on that count alone.


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