Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MARch and MARmons - again!

Back in March 2010 when I declared that March should be Marmon month, I also declared that I had no more Marmon tilt cab photos.
Well my recent all too brief road trip to Maine reminded me that deep in a shoe box were some slides taken on another jaunt through Maine back in 1980, when I did see more Marmons!
The late lamented Texas manufacturer of premium trucks (Not the Best Known, Just the Best) produced these specialties from 1963 to 1997. Some did sneak across the border from time to time, but most were confined to the US.

Mars Hill, ME, in the Saint John River valley, shares with its nearby New Brunswick neighbours the centre of potato production in the east. Trucks come from far and wide to load the taters and and this quartet of Florida plated Marmon COEs, when I saw them on September 6, 1980, were laying over for the Labour Day weekend, just before potato harvest time started up in earnest for another year.

As you will learn in subsequent posts, there are other trucks whose names begin with M and we will have an M month after all.

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  1. These are great! Can't say I recall ever seeing one before. Looks like one got a nasty dent on the visor.