Monday, March 26, 2012

M is (of course) for Mack

No series of truck photos with the letter M could possibly omit Mack from the list.
And of course if it's Mack, it must include the iconic B model. The Mack of all Macks.
Produced from 1952 to 1966, it exemplified Mack in many ways. Tough and long lasting, there are B-61s still on the road, and many have been restored or rebuilt.
1. A small stone quarry near Baie Ste-Catherine, QC was still running this B model in 1984. Although it saw infrequent use this gas job was kept in tip top shape, right down to its chromed hubcaps.

2. A veteran, running in 1981, had made it up to the Irving truck stop at Steeves Mountain, NB. No headache rack for this steel hauler! Maybe the flames from straight pipe welded the load together. I didn't make a note of the inscription on the truck frame, but it appears to say GoGo Leasing, Chateauguay, QC. This is a B-61 with Mack's own Thermodyne diesel.

3. Jewell Brothers of Monticello, ME, ran an all Mack fleet and wedged their B model in between a couple of F model COEs on this September day in 1980. The chrome rad and vent stack . Many Macks, used in seasonal work such as hauling potatoes, lasted for twenty years or more. Another B-61 it also had the Thermodyne diesel.

There were several B model variants for heavy and off road work, and some were fitted with the older L model cab, which had more room.


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