Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lots of truck brands start with M, including M.A.N. (or MAN as its now called). This venerable German manufacturer is little seen in Canada, although I have posted a few on this site before.
1. Mack has its bulldog, M.A.N. has its lion.

2. One of three MAN model TGS 33,400 that arrived in Halifax by ship in December 2011. They left town on Fastrax trucks, likely for conversion work.

3. The shipping labels didn't tell me much but might be of interest.

One M.A.N. that was actually based in Halifax - and the only one on the road here, was a small single screw tractor operated by Kitchen City a seller of European style kitchen furnishings.

4. Taken on August 16, 1989, this little semi named "Annemarie" was active for a few years. It was nicely fitted with headlight screens, fog lamps and a typical Euro type cab sleeper. A pretty little rig.

It was certainly a unique sight but did not last long, as I think the company went out of business.

The only other MANs in the areas are a pair of prime movers, operated by Leil, which I have shown before.
MAN SE as it is now known, was taken over by Volkswagen last year and it is expected that there will be some combining of operations with their Scania truck line. MAN is a world wide company with truck, bus and diesel engine manufacturing as their primary activities. So far they have not attempted to crack the North American truck market. Will that change?


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