Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MARch should be MARmon month

The most sought after big highway trucks in my mind were always Marmons. They were so rare that some fools would risk taking a picture of one while driving. Hence my only Marmon tilt cab photo.
The conventionals were always more impressive with massive hoods and with a brick like obliviousness to aerodynamics. However as these show, there was some acknowledgement to rounded corners in later years.
Sadly these Texas size, Texas-built trucks are no longer manufactured, but there are still a few on the road.
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Citgo Marmon, Tampa, Florida, April 1998. A rare day cab, fleet truck.
East Penn Trucking Co of Lehighton, Pennsylvania ran a fleet of Marmons. I like the quarter windows in the sleeper of this white painted job in Bradenton, Florida, April 1994.

Another East Penn Marmon in Bradenton, April 1994. A plain jane rig, but with rounded fenders.

At a converging speed of 120 miles per hour , a tilt cab Marmon, westbound between Fredericton and Moncton, NB, September 1975.

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