Monday, March 5, 2012

Road Trip Results

A weekend road trip turned up many interesting vehicles. The downside was most of then I saw at night or in a snow storm!
Here are a couple of highlights.
1. Sleek Pete with a full fender skirt kit was towing an Eager Beaver trailer, with an elderly crawler and an even older engine on a pallet. Out of Southampton, NY he was laying over in Bangor, ME. He's missing the driver's side hood mounted mirror - maybe left it in the woods.

2. In addition to the low level exhaust and tool box in the skirts, this truck had a standard semi-trailer fifth wheel, a camper type 'fifth wheel' hitch, and the trailer hitch he was using. This is pretty much a tow anything rig.

3. An impossibly clean milk tanker at Salisbury, NB had just come from the company's own tank and truck wash at nearby Sussex. The set-back axle and classic Freightliner look also made this a standout at the Ultramar truck stop.

4. R&G Transport has now become Eagle Transportation, but the older rigs have not been repainted. They specialize in food grade liquids and now cover the eastern half of Canada and the US. See - "about eagle" and "a proud history" for more info.


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