Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Metro Star for Halifax Regional

Following on our M for March theme, Halifax Regional Municipality Fire & Emergency Service has received its order of new rescue pumpers and at least two are now in service in my neighbourhood. Engine 2, based at the University Avenue station is the first of the order, and is numbered 11-528E.
1. Head on view of the new Engine 2 Metro Star cab.

2. Bumper load of noise, includes Federal Signal electronic siren, Federal turbine and air horns.

3. The Metro Star has a roomy cabin, with flat floor in the crew compartment.

4. The body has hinged doors, not the roll up type usually found on new engines. Also note the tire chain system, just ahead of the rear tires.

Built by Carl Thibault on a Spartan Metro Star chassis, it carries a 1250 gpm Watrous pump and 500 gallon tank and all the other gear required for its demanding job. Station 2 is the busiest in the Halifax Regional Municipality and this engine is called out many times a day.

One notable thing about this engine (and its three sisters, numbered 11-529E, 11-530E and 11-531E) is that it is the decibel winner! Featuring a typical electronic siren, a traditional turbine type Q-siren (really loud-123 decibels at 10 ft) and air horns (super loud) it can be heard above most urban din.


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