Monday, March 5, 2012

Merc and MAN - trucks in transit

One of the advantages of living in a port city is to catch a glimpse of trucks in transit. In this case a small fleet of transit mixers from Spain. Unfortunately only two were in position for a photo, but there were about half a dozen of those on the deck of a ship. They had to be offloaded temporarily to access the cargo in the hold below, and so were landed on the dock.

As soon as the ship is unloaded, they will go back on and be delivered to their destination.

The trucks are painted for Prefabricados Luis Barros P.L., a builder in Nigran, Spain (that's in the far northeast, near Vigo.) It is likely they are headed for Central or South America.

The vehicle on the left is a Mercedes Atego and the big one on the right is an MAN. Both popular trucks in Europe, but rarely seen in these models in North America.

And of course they are COEs, which are still built in large numbers on the other side of the Atlantic, but , aside from delivery trucks, are becoming rare over here.

A couple of observations- the trucks have no clearance lights. The MAN has a broken sun visor, which reveals a pair of sensors? or some device above the top corners of the windshield.


  1. I'm sorry, but both of them do have clearance lights. You can see the right one on the Atego above the right mirror.
    The standard clearance lights on the MAN seem to have been replaced by brighter LEDs. German visors either have holes for the standard clearance lights or incorporate their own clearance lights. It seems that on the depicted MAN the fitting of the visor just was not done properly.


  2. Thanks Marcus - very informative.