Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mack March Madness Finale?

I've pretty much run out of gas on the March letter M theme-except for Macks! Lot's more where they came from, so here is a finale - for now:
1. What would March Madness be without beer? Oland's Brewery would be pleased to deliver beer by the keg to your favourite licensed establishment using this heavy spec Mack. Seen here at their Halifax brewery in July 1984.

2. Chet's Transport Inc of Charlotte ME and St.Stephen, NB was an early cross border operator. Not seen too much on this side any more, and now based in Pembroke, ME, they had many impressive rigs on the road, including this Maine plated Superliner also in July of 1984.

3. Light weight westcoaster type tilt cabs were popular with movers, such as this one doing military re-postings in July 1980. I think it was running for Burgess of Halifax.

4. Harnum Transport had this elaborately pinstriped R-Model in float bed service in 1980. It was fitted with hydraulics and a beefy rear springs.

5. Cement Cartage of Havelock, NB ran in all the Maritime Provinces with a fleet of R model Macks. They were crudely numbered by stencil (giving the year of the truck) but some drivers added personal touches. The Mack mud flaps and "Tombstone" bug deflector were not standard issue on this basic day cab. Here they were loading a ship with cement for NASA in Florida in December 1979.

6. Mack Maritime, the Halifax dealer had this Superliner with wild colour scheme in August 1979. I never saw it on the road, so perhaps the buyer did a repaint.

7. At the same time this new F-model COE was on display. Note it has the golden bulldog.

8. Single screw lightweight COE was also new on the lot in August 1979.

So much for March, but stay tuned for April.

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