Saturday, November 6, 2010

Suburban Classic

This is a little ode to Old Parked Cars - one of my favourite blogs. When I spotted this GMC Suburban I could not resist. Old Parked Cars has a look about it that is unmistakable, and the photography is so precise and the lighting so spectacular, I could not hope to match their technique, so apologies.
However the 1962-1966 GMC Suburban has class like no other. This 1964 has been gently massaged, with fixed rear side windows (I think the originals were sliders like the mid side windows) tinted, new wheels, tires and those exhaust pipes poking out ahead of the rear wheels.
The body needs a little TLC, but the paint colour appears to be traditional.
The interior has been totally re-done with bucket seats and chrome floor shifter, hinting at some non-stock power under the hood.

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  1. Those are great shots! Almost exactly like I woulda done it :)