Friday, November 26, 2010

Ford cargo (updated)

1. Ford Cargo cab, badged Freightliner with Johnston sweeper and dual controls.

2. The Halifax Regional Municipality still has this Ford/ Johnston dual control street sweeper on the payroll.

3. The HRM also has a Sterling/ Elgin sweeper, also with dual controls.

4. Shred-it operates this mobile shredder on a Sterling "cargo" October 30, 2010, Burnside.

Some truck cabs survive for years in production. The Ford C and Mack R are notable examples of 20 plus years.

One which has now come to an end (in North America) with the demise of Sterling in 2009, is the legendary Ford Cargo.

Developed by Ford UK and introduced in 1981, it remained in production in the UK until 1993, even after Ford sold its UK Ford truck brand to Fiat, and became Ford Iveco. Ford brought it to North America somewhat later.

Daimler/Freightliner/Sterling got it when they took over Ford's North American heavy truck line. Some were re-branded as Freightliner and some as Sterling. There are a few left on the road under all three badges, but they are no longer built on this continent.

Production continues today in Brazil, Argentina, India, and Turkey according to various sources.

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