Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Shot #47 -Wood Chip B-train

A little ray of sunshine is needed on a dull day, so I went back into my summer files to find this Sunbury B-train. Nothing remarkable about it except that it was apparently still pretty new when I saw it at Fredericton, NB on June 18. It does appear to have a cab heater, which does seem to be a bit odd in a day cab.

The Freightliner day cab is the tractor of choice for these units, that can be seen all over New Brunswick, but also in Quebec and Nova Scotia.

It is always amusing to see loads of wood chips going in opposite directions, but that is the reality of sourcing "fibre" these days.
The driver is taking a bit of a break to watch the work on an aged International dump truck.
[Photo taken at the Circle K Irving, Riverside Drive (route 105) Lower St.Marys, NB]

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  1. That's not a cab heater.. It's a side box for storage....