Friday, November 5, 2010

Big things on trucks

1. Singh crusher on Mills four axle trailer. Due to its height and width it has escorts front and rear. Also a nice new Mack Titan doing the hard work.

2. Davis Western Star on Young Avenue - not where you`d expect to see a truck.

3. Another Davis Western Star, this one with a Verboom grinder heading into Point Pleasant Park. It also had escort vehicles.

There seems to be a rash of big crushing things moving around Halifax on trucks in the last few days. First off was the Singh Crusher - a very large piece of rock crushing plant that arrived by ship and was moving down Lower Water Street, brushing the trees on the way. Mills Heavy Hauling had the job, and I just missed getting their new Mack Titan three axle on the lead of this load. (November 3)

Next was the Verboom grinder and Cat backhoe that Owen Davis Sons&Daughters were moving down Young Avenue, into Point Pleasant Park, where trucks are prohibited according to the sign. The grinder is used to grind up trees, and produce usable bio-mass, so presumably it will be used to dispose of the many fallen trees still left from Hurricane Juan, as part of the Park`s restoration project. Verboom is based in Truro, NS and has a web site: This particular grinder unit appears to be a Peterson.
(November 4)

Interesting story here, that the original Owen Davis heavy hauling operation was purchased by Mills a few years ago. Then the Davis children who were in the landscaping and site work business, rejuvenated the heavy hauling operation, keeping the traditional Owen Davis colour scheme and loyalty to Western Star trucks.

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