Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sterling heading south?

The Municipal Group of companies operates Dexter Construction Ltd and Municipal Contracting Ltd (among others.) It is a large civil construction, paving, quarrying and infrastructure management operation based in Halifax, but doing business in Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean. Now that the paving season is over in Nova Scotia the company is moving a portable asphalt plant to the Bahamas for the winter. They have a multi-year contract to extend the Providenciales airport runway 500m, including other improvements and repaving the entire runway system. They have had equipment on site since June removing a 600,000 cubic meter hill, and now are gearing up for paving.

The plant is now loading aboard the ship BBC Denmark in Halifax and this Sterling has been jockeying the pieces around for loading, and may well accompany the load south. The operator made a Tim Horton's stop this morning and I was able to squeeze off this shot in the rain.

Municipal Group vehicles are always plain red, with a company equipment number on the door, but no other corporate identification. They are very fond of Sterlings, and have a large fleet of them, including tandem straight tucks and tractors, and several of these tri-axles too.

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