Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cranes by Train

The intermodal yard in Burnside sees some interesting cargoes from time to time. Saturday October 30 was certainly a banner day for cranes. There were four brand new cranes on hand, two Groves and two Liebherrs.

1. The biggest unit by far was this Liebherr, owned by FAM. FAM is a world-wide materials handling company, based in Germany, but with operations in Canada, out of Calgary.

2. Eurogruas of Sevillle, Spain , five axle Liebherr. (grua = crane in Spanish) Eurogruas operates over 1650 units mostly in Europe and Africa.

3. Three cranes in a row on rail cars.

4. Grues Cambrils has this Grove model 4080. (grue = crane in French, but the company is Spanish) It is a sales operation.

5. Another four axle Grove (an orange grove?), model 4100 - no owners markings.


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