Saturday, November 20, 2010

FWD Trucks (Part 3)

The "classic" era for FWD trucks, in my opinion, was the 1940s and 1950s. In the 1940s and very early 1950s, FWD made its own cabs, then by the mid 1950s started to use the same cab as the International R series. Here are some examples:

1. R-model cab, set up for a gigantic wing plow, with passenger side viewing window in the door, and spotlight to keep an eye on the road side. Very wide spaced head lamps, and elaborate hydraulics for the front plow. Shop made fenders replace the originals. St-Fidèle, QC, August 2, 1984.

2. Parked in a pasture, this unit looks ready to go at a moment's notice. It still has its factory fenders, despite about 35 years of wear and tear. May 20, 1991.

3. Construction Levesque in Beresford NB, had this 1940s era unit on its lot, and may have used it only for wing work, but it hadn't been out for a while when I saw it January 16, 1987. It also still has its factory fenders, that might have been 40 years old. It has the FWD cab and gigantic steering wheel. (Someone has added a Mack bulldog hood ornament.)

4. In the Miramichi area of New Brunswick they know how to handle snow, and this veteran FWD COE had seen many winters by January 12, 1985. Note the huge steering wheel and right hand drive. The driver had to be his own wing man on this rig, but he had lots of light on the road.

5. A side view of the same truck shows the roof escape hatch and tiny exhaust pipe. It had its chains ready for really nasty going and a covered ballast body. This shot shows the transfer case and the winch used to raise and lower the wing plow. This style of cab was unchanged from the 1930s, but was likely a post war product in view of its excellent condition.


  1. Looking at picture 5 I think it is a wartime vehicle. Trucks with right hand steer was made for the Britich army. Also the doors are hinged at the back. Later models had the door hinged at the front

    1. The truck in picture 4 and 5 is an FWD model SU-COE