Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Os in the north

1. The Big O emblem= king of the hill.

2. 82645 looks to be out to pasture.

3. 82654, with front plow off shows the massive bolster and elevator.

3. 82658 wearing a high speed plow. Note the high mounted right headlight - perhaps to clear a wing plow.

Northern (mainland) Nova Scotia, is noted for its whitetouts and heavy snow blowing in off the Gulf of St.Lawrence. It has long been home to some heavy snow moving apparatus. The Department of Transportation garage at Antigonish had these three Oshkoshes out back November 12. The trucks look a little hard done by, but the plows look newish, so I hope these haven't been put out to pasture.


  1. I remember reading this a while ago. Perhaps a good time to mention that the oshkosh 82654 was destroyed today. It caught fire while plowing and the whole front end was destroyed. Such a shame.