Friday, April 30, 2010

Western Star finale (2)

Digging deep into the Western Star archive, I will polish off April with part two of the finale, and an assortment of oddities.

1 Taken in 1995 in New Brunswick, this Oromocto based Star was running for McMinnimans United Van Lines. The overhanging drom probably set up some weird air stream patterns.

2 This huge drom was running for AMJ Campbell, and was based in St.John's, NF. Taken at Moncton, NB June 11, 1999.
3 Taken late in 1992, this COE was running for Sunbury- but what about that diagonal bar? Not a standard feature, maybe a Volvo precursor-but Volvo didn't acquire Western Star!
4 This is what a COE was supposed to look like (give or take a few vertical bars) taken June 3, 1989 in Dartmouth. Running for Weather B. Transport, owner /operator was Holgate Trucking of British Columbia. Note the air intake coming up through the drom, and no visible exhaust stacks.

5 Transport Canada was using this runway sweeper at the Halifax airport when this photo was taken May 31, 1999. Looks like a 4X4.

6 You are unlikely to see many of these on the road! With the look that only a mother could love, this was Western Star's short lived class 7 experiment. When Freightliner took over this model was no more. Dealer's demo February 21, 2000 in Dartmouth, NS.

7 The government of Canada used this Western Star to calibrate weigh scales. The front axle is set way back, likely to compensate for that huge Pitman crane on the back bumper. The crane was used to place specially calibrated test weights on the scales. June 1989.

And that is it for Western Stars for a while.

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