Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Western Stars, Big Loads

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April continues to be Western Star month, and here is a bevy of Big Western Stars, with their big loads.

1. Construction Emma had their classic big blue Star loading a Cat crawler backhoe at Baie St.Paul, QC in August 1995.

2. Owen Davis Trucking of the Halifax area had their Star hauling a new ship's engine, just arrived from Norway. They were moving it from pier 9 to the shipyard, and it was a slow process. Since it was never on a highway or public street, they could probably take a few liberties with the weight. The ship's engine rates about 8,000 bhp.

3. Owen Davis again with a newer Star in 2000, with a Bomag land fill bucket loader. It was an import too, but would certainly be hitting the highway for a longer trip inland.

4. I didn't record who operated this Star with the huge compactor body. It was on 401 highway, very likely headed for a US dump from Toronto. What do you bet the driver was an import? The lace fringe over the windshield hints at European or even Asian origin.

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  1. G'day Mac:
    Being Canadian (Ottawa, ON.) I like your new site a lot, as well as your offerings on BLB. Re the Midland-Cdn. Tire A-train, I was surprised that a day-cab tractor would be used to drive to Ontario (or is that just a shunter). And I agree the compactor 6-axle trailer is likely en route to Michigan with Toronto sure looks like a Michigan-style rig.
    Cheers, Bob French