Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Pink near the Drink

It was photoshoot day for this RML at the Point Pleasant Park lower parking lot. No passengers yet, but I hope they admire this unusual pink paint scheme, promoting a worthy cause.
According to various London bus web sites RML 2689 (license number SMK 689F) was one of 524 RMLs (Routemaster Long) built, of a total of 2,876 Routemasters.
True devotees of the London Bus AEC Routemaster have established quite a few web sites, and from these I was able to determine that this one was built in September 1967 and worked until 2004. At that point it migrated via Bristol to California.
I'm not sure when it arrived in Halifax, but it, along with half a dozen others which have also acquired garish paint jobs, will be working the tour beat this summer.

Call me a purist, but the London red bus can't be improved upon.

1 comment:

  1. is this for certain RML 2689?
    We operated her in Green Bay Wi back in 2005 ish...
    if its indeed her are there other photos?