Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Binders for the Canadian Forces

The land element of the Canadian Forces (this would be the Army) has acquired a whole mess of International heavy trucks to replace their older crop of Steyrs and even older things.

Navistar has retrieved the International portion of their brand name, but has dropped Harvester and the IH interlocked emblem. Nevertheless those of the historic realm will still know Internationals as "binders" - short for cornbinders.

The International/ Navistar emblem is well concealed by the brush bars, but can be spotted on close inspection.

This early evening shot-complete with utility pole shadow, shows a few of the typical Canadian truck fixtures, most particularly the cab roof rack.

Just for contrast here's a photo of the best known Canadian military vehicle the CMP (Canadian Military pattern) of World War II. This one is a Chev, fitted with a communication body, and still going strong for the St.Lawrence Seaway Authority in 1972. Why it was in Halifax I don't know!

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