Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Shots#8

Give me a home where the buffalo roam. Well that would seem to be just about everywhere in North America if you mean Bison Transport. Based in Winnipeg the 1,000 plus strong tractor fleet pretty much covers the map.
These two specimens were grazing quietly at Burnside this morning, and without getting too carried away with the metaphor, perhaps it was a cow and a bull.
Well at the risk of causing a discouraging word, I will leave it at that except to say, you should visit Bison's excellent website. Punch "About Us" and you will be rewarded with a three page history of the company and its development in a little over 40 years.

1. Volvo seems to be the favoured truck with Bison, but there is at least one Freightliner shown on their web site, but you have to hunt for it.
2. The bull unit seems to be sagging at the front, that heavy rack appears to be weighing him down.
3. The cow unit has collision avoidance radar mounted dead centre in the front bumper and a nifty little aerial on the passenger mirror.

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