Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dynamic Tilt

Our friends at Big Lorry Blog have been giving truck photo lessons, and some of the techniques and ideas are really wonderful, so I am not poking fun at them with this shot, although I admit they did give me the idea.

This little Freightliner semi makes numerous down town stops delivering food to restaurants. They have to get into some very tight spaces and make some very tight turns, so it is a very good size.

Not having a super wide angle lens at my disposal when I took this, I was able to get it all in with a bit of "dynamic tilt."

The Great Dane trailer is fitted with a hitch, to be made up as an A-train for highway work. The warehouse in Moncton makes up the orders and dispatches the A-train to Halifax at night. On arrival the trailers are given over to two tractors for daytime deliveries.

Competitor GFS has an almost exact replica, but has a sliding rear wheel assembly on the trailer to make up as a B-train. Their highway tractor is an International ProStar daycab with elaborate air foil. Trailers are also Great Dane.

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