Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is Mack month

May is Mack month - where to start? With a Mack attack of B Models, where else? The B-model and its variants, produced from 1953 to 1966 is revered, as were its ancestors, for its toughness and longevity. But the Bs were the heydays for Mack, and that is why so many have been preserved.
1. Sol's Autobody ran this B-67 from Waldoboro, MA up to the Antique Truck Historical Society meet in Owl's Head, ME July 26, 1987. Compared to the 1940s look of its neighbour, it is thoroughly modern.

2. David Brown of Waterville, Nova Scotia was still using this truck for real work (it had been restored) in July 1988. It was just backing in to hook up to another trailer load of chicken. It's a single screw, but with tag axle added.

3. Semple of Marlboro MA had this pristine 1964 B pulling a trailer of antique trucks to the 1987 ATHS meet in Owl's Head, ME.

4. Bs also saw fire service use. This one is pulling a tiller steer aerial for Gloucesrter, MA August 7, 1986.
5. In some models the older L model cab was used with B-model fenders and bigger rad, becoming a B-75 in this case, also seen at Owl's Head.

6. Although bigger, the L model cab gave a bit of a hang dog appearance, compared to the B model cab, also at Owl's Head. That's a B-73 on the left operated by Sprowl Bros. Inc. Lumber of Searsmount, Maine. The rare B-41 on the right was operated by Sprowl Antique Express.

7. Things really came together when they put the B cab on the bigger trucks. Capello Trucking Inc of Newton MA brought their big B to Owl's Head on a trailer, towed by a later R model.

8. The best looking Mack ever made (you may have heard it here first) was the early 1960s B-75. Marrying the the modern B cab and fenders to the big rad really does it for me! James R. Colello Inc of Millis, MA turned out this B-75 for Owl's Head in 1987 and was still working. The extended breather pipe has become standard on many Macks. Single screw trucks were the norm on the highways in the 1960s, so to me this is the definitive Mack.

9. So combine the B cab, extra big rad, but in a 6x6 configuration, with heavy duty fenders and you get this beast. Operated by David Dallaire Inc, still going strong at St-Siméon, QC in August 1986. There's some interesting fender mounted gear back of the air cleaner, possibly a hydraulic tank.
10. This similar 6x6 has an extra bolster and high mounted headlights, hinting at possible snow blower operation. The added rad capacity shows up well. Materiaux de Construction Y. Godin of Neguac, NB owned this unit at one time, but when seen here in Truro, NS July 19, 1995, it was headed east.

So much for the B-models for now. More Macks off an on this month.

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