Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conrad Brothers still in the game

The first truckers to really get into container hauling on the Halifax waterfront were Conrad Brothers. The Ford gas job was one of the first trucks they used, but they soon graduated to the heavy Chevy. It was dubbed the Queen Mary on the waterfront, because for its time it was a monster.
By the 1980s they had gone to Western Star for a great long hood tractor.
They are still at it with the Freightliner spotted April 6. Sorry no complete view of the b-train trailer (the second trailer was not connected.)
April 6, 2010 Freightliner with cool chrome air deflector and low rise sleeper.

Late 1970s photo of an impressive Western Star - longer than the container they were hauling.

1973 photo of Chev diesel-a very big truck for its time.

1973 photo of Ford gas job, more typical of early container haulers. Taken at old Shed 36.

Container hauling is only part of what Conrad's are up to-they are still major quarry operators. There is a bit more info on their web site:

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