Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who's LAVs

A quartet of LAVs showed up on the waterfront July 21. Shrink wrapped for shipment, the LAVs showed no identification markings.

General Dynamics Land Systems in London, ON manufactures the rigs and has had contracts with many countries in the past, primarily Saudi Arabia. A huge 14 year contract for more LAVs for SANG (the Saudi Arabian National Guard) was signed last year, but deliveries are not expected to start until 2016. Although the deals are between the US and Saudi Arabia, Canada takes credit for them because the LAVs are built in Canada and exported through the Canadian Commercial Corp. However Saudi Arabia is free to buy "one-off" units directly too, and these usually receive no press coverage.
If not for Saudi Arabia, these four may then be part of an order for Columbia which is ongoing now.

In the past scores of the LAVs have been stockpiled in Halifax then shipped out en masse on Saudi Arabian ships. We will keep an eye open for more.

As usual it was shiny black and red Kenworths from Earl Paddock Transportation of Stoney Creek, ON that delivered the LAVs using B-trains. The company is now marketing itself as Paddock Transport International:  http://paddocktransport.com/


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