Friday, July 24, 2015

Everything from fish to chips

From the strange things on flatbeds department of Truckfax comes this selection of unusual loads moving through the port of Halifax.

First: Fish
Exactly a month ago I spotted three wide loads on heavy trailers - no trucks visible. I couldn't begin to guess what they were.

A close examination of labels revealed that they a line of fishmeal processing equipment from Haarslev Industries, a worldwide company based in Denmark. The loads were bound for Connors Brothers in Black's Harbour, NB. Due to their size they were restricted to night time travel hours, so I never did see whose trucks were hauling them.

The tonight I saw the second half: Potatoes 

This double row harvester, a used Spirit 8200 model, made by  AVR of Belgium was heading for Alberta.  Hauling it is specialized carrier Briway Carriers Inc of Alliston, ON. Interestingly the Briway owners are a potato farming family, but they have expanded into other specialties too. They have some very impressive trailers as you will also see from their website.

If you want to know more abut the harvester here are a couple of informative links:

The driver for this rig is actually based in Brussels, ON (not Belgium). His backhaul after this load will be another potato harvester from Idaho to Prince Edward Island.

He will only get as far as New Brunswick on Saturday and will have to lay up since he won't be able to run through Quebec on Sunday.


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