Saturday, July 18, 2015

International fire apparatus chassis - Part 2

The Town of Windsor, NS, favoured International chassis for its department for many years. This was their International fleet in 1991:

Built on an International chassis but with a Cincinnati cab, No.1 was the most impressively decorated truck, and was built by Thibault.

Number 3 was a similar unit, delivered in 1971 by Thibault, but much less decorated.

Pumper/Tanker No.2 was built by King in 1979 on a CO cab/chassis. Note that King filled in the large gap in the fender wells, making for a much nicer looking  rig.

Number 5 was a conventional cab with centre mount pump panel. It was built by Superior in 1987.

No.6 was a utility rescue dating from 1983.

Number 7, a 2000 gallon tanker with 625 gpm pump rode with a CO extended cab and tandem axle chassis, built by King. It did not have fairings on the wheel wells.

No.10 was a big 3200 gal tanker, dating from 1969 built with a Fort Wayne commercial tilt cab.

The department also ran two aerials, one being a King CM1, which was featured here before:
It is still on the department's roster, and was fighting a fire in Windsor just this week.


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