Thursday, July 23, 2015

In for service

When I take my car to the Ford dealer for service I often see Ford trucks there too. In the last short while I seem to be seeing red.
The Municipality of the District of West Hants is served by the Uniacke + District VFD. This 2012 Ford F550 crew cab runs as Pumper Rescue 305, and was built as a mini-pumper/tanker/rescue by Metalfab.

Part of a 2011 order Halifax Fire + Emergency Services has three of these small rescue units in service. Built on a Ford F350 chassis it carries a Reading body with dual rears and a towing hitch. Numbered 11-517R,   it runs as Rescue 36 assigned to the Meagher's Grant station, a good 45 miles from the this Ford dealer, but still within Halifax.

Halifax also runs numerous utitlities, among them this 2002 GMC Sierra 4x4, numbered 02-280U. It is fitted with a communication and light package, but aside from the cap is pretty much an off the shelf pickup. It is assigned to general duties.


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  1. Psst. Uniacke is what you might call a border department. Their fire district spans parts of West Hants, HRM, *and* East Hants. Similarly, Enfield's coverage area spans East Hants and HRM.
    - Dubya