Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Road Trip #2 - Report #2 E-One for Stewiacke, NS

By now the Stewiacke and District Volunteer FD has probably taken delivery of this 2015 E-One Cyclone II pumper tanker.

The spectacular looking rig was wedged in between other trucks preventing a clear shot, and I did not take time to read the particulars on its Underwriter's plate.

On July 6 the engine appeared to be on its delivery trip from the builder or the dealer. Its number is E-1711 and it joins a roster of other interesting gear in the village of Stewiacke.

Among the many pieces of apparatus Stewiacke has operated over the years I have photos of at least two.

The 1984 Ford C Series/ Superior was an 840/1200 pumper/tanker, and

on the evening of May 26, 1993, it and the members were exercising with their classic ladder truck:

The big mid-mount Bickle Seagrave service aerial appears to be one of about 1952 vintage.

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  1. The aerial is a 1954, ex Dartmouth. It is now back in the city with its DFD markings restored