Friday, July 17, 2015

International fire apparatus chassis - Part 1

It has been a long time since International built small tilt cabs. They were favoured by many fire departments because they were compact in size, but like most North American truck manufacturers International abandoned the small tilt cab market.
Few International tilt cabs are left in front line service, but four of their CO models live on at the Nova Scotia Firefighter School at Powder Mill Lake in the Halifax suburb of Waverley.

These two were the gifts of the Town of Truro, a Thibault 1050/100 ft aerial, dating from 1987  and a Superior 1050/1000 pumper/tanker from 1986.They still wear the trademark Truro white paint scheme..

Bridgewater donated this Thibault 85 ft aerial. Note the custom grille. It was originally delivered in 1981.

 An unbranded pumper numbered 840-SS-83 was donated by the town of Middleton.

For more on the school see:

Some more Internationals to follow in Part 2............


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  1. The Middleton truck is a Pierreville, built in 83.