Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Road trip report

Another whirlwind round trip to Quebec on the weekend turned up a few interesting sights.
At one of my mandatory stops, Simard Suspensions, I saw the first Cat twin steer modification that I have seen. Cat truck production must be rolling full tilt now, and Cat seems poised to make a major impact, going toe to toe with the bigs and perhaps filling the vacuum left by Sterling that was not filled by Freightliner.
1. Cat has twin steer added, and wide spread on the drivers.

Summer is the time to get ready for winter (horrible thought) and Simard has several plow/spreader conversions on the go.

2. and 3. Stoneham & Tewksbury will be getting this heavy KW. The plow gear is tilted forward to allow the hood to open, but will be straightened up when in use.

 4. and 5. The Western Star isn't new but the body is, including an interesting grader blade under the frame and a set back wing plow for grading ditches. Les Excavations C.A.T. Inc is displayed on the doors, but this one appears to be set up for maintaining or building gravel roads.
 6. Kenworth Quebec built this T-800 LH  all wheel drive with Cummins engine, for the MRC de Manic. It's got lots of height and will be an asset in dealing with the winters north of Baie Comeau.

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